Dogs in our house

In our house, dogs are basically possible. Unfortunately, one problem is sometimes all the hair that gets spread around the flat (depending on the breed). That's why we charge 45 € for extra cleaning and have a rule that dogs are not allowed on the bed and couch.

We also ask that you do not leave the animals alone in the room or apartment.

In A6 and A5 there is partly carpeting - especially in winter you have to take care that the dog does not soil it.

If there is any soiling or damage, we naturally assume that we will be made aware of it so that we can see how to deal with it.

Also because the next guests will expect a clean flat and we will get into trouble if we don't have enough time to clean something up.

All in all, the dog should be "friendly", of course, because of the other guests.

Dog-sitting in Gastein

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